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Like many of you, I had the misfortune of developing rosacea. I had flushed easily for years, but I had no redness or other problems between flushing episodes until I suddenly developed severe pustular rosacea over a period of only a few weeks. Over this short period of time I found my face covered with multiple pustules (pimples) and nodules (hard red bumps in the skin) that persisted for months. My appearance was so affected that I tried every available prescription drug for rosacea with disappointing results. However, I had the good fortune of being a physician/scientist engaged in research on the health benefits of the sea, and my own rosacea presented an opportunity to develop new natural products to control my own disease. I evaluated various marine extracts in the laboratory and on myself in an effort to find a new, more effective skin care product for rosacea. After five years of research, I developed Ocean Essence Moisturizing Renewal Lotion, and Ocean Essence Protective Concealing Cream, products that have proven to be highly effective as part of an overall management program for controlling my rosacea. Ocean Essence lotion and cream contain unique marine natural products that take advantage of the natural healing effects of the sea to provide relief to rosacea-prone skin. I am now able to offer these products and my management program to other rosacea sufferers.

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