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“I wish I had taken “before & after” pictures of my face. I had severe redness on my cheeks, and red splotches on my forehead. I knew there was a dietary element involved, because when I would tighten up my diet, after 3 days or so my face would begin to clear up, but never as well as it could have. Sometimes, the redness was so severe my face would actually hurt. As it cleared up, I suffered from massive flaking around my nose.

Between the dietary changes and your product, I don’t mind going out of the house anymore. I have tried every prescription available from my doctor, and other non-prescription remedies. This is the only product I’ve found that works. I’ll be reordering soon.”

Ken Robinson
Medford, Oregon

“I’ve been using Natural Rosacea Treatment for 4 months now. Within the first three weeks of use, I noticed a significant improvement in my facial redness. That improvement has continued, and what’s more, I really like the moisturizing lotion – its a great face cream as well.”

Diana King
Vancouver, Canada

“I developed the Natural Rosacea Treatment program and the NRT products to control my own rosacea after it failed to respond to other treatments. After following my program and using these products daily for four months, I am now essentially free of rosacea. My skin looks younger and healthier than it has in years.”

Mike Kelly
Blaine, WA

I just started using your creams a little over a week ago.  I had just suffered my worst flare up.  I ordered your product as a last resort.  I am currently breastfeeding my daughter and my dermatologist has told me she is unable to help me until I am finished nursing.  Your creams have been a miracle.  My skin has not looked this good in many months.  I was beginning to feel depressed and miserable, but now i feel wonderful!

Tara Kowalewski
Sicklerville, NJ