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How to Use


After cleansing the skin to remove any impurities or previously applied skin cream or lotion, the skin is ready for application of NRT products:

  1. Natural Rosacea Treatment Moisturizing Renewal Lotion in the evening .
  2. Natural Rosacea Treatment Protective Concealing Cream in the morning and then throughout the day after swimming, washing or sweating.
  3. Also, if lesions occur on the scalp, Natural Rosacea Treatment Moisturizing Renewal Lotion is suitable for application to the scalp both morning and evening in areas with hair.  For areas of baldness, Moisturizing Renewal Lotion can be applied in the evening and Protective Concealing Cream can be applied in the morning.

Gently message the cream or lotion into the skin with the finger tip until it has mostly disappeared into the skin. Remember to be gentle; no vigorous rubbing of rosacea-prone skin.  It is important to cover all of the skin areas of the face and neck including the folds around the base of the nose and the skin on the edge of the nostrils. Any areas left uncovered may be more prone to the development of rosacea lesions. And remember to avoid getting the products into your eyes.

Because NRT products are so effective in treating rosacea symptoms, many people expect the lotion and cream to have strong odors and a dramatic feel when applied to the skin.  Customers are often surprised that the products have a naturally pleasant scent and, unless the skin is very inflamed, feel soothing to the skin.

In a world where effective treatments are usually unpleasant, it is easy to wonder if the product is really working.   But don’t fooled by the wonderful spa-feel of these products, they contain powerful natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory marine extracts that usually eliminate or greatly reduce rosacea symptoms within 3 months.  Complete healing of skin that is severely affected by rosacea may, however, require more time.