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12 Years Rosacea Free

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I struggled with worsening rosacea for years; red face, bumps, pustules and the pock mark scars they left. I suffered from both physical and social discomfort. I can only imagine what I would look like today if I had not discovered my active natural marine ingredients and developed my Natural Rosacea Treatment skin creams and rosacea control program. I am celebrating 12 years that I have been using my products, and my skin looks better every year. Not only is the rosacea gone, but my skin looks younger today than it did 20 years ago before my rosacea problem started. Many people guess my age to be 20 years younger than I actually am. I use my rosacea products religiously every day, and the benefits are amazing. It really feels good to look in the mirror and see a face free of rosacea. I also appreciate all my loyal customers who have made it possible to continue to offer our NRT products the past 12 years. I look forward to helping many more rosacea sufferers find relief in the future.

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Like many of you, I had the misfortune of developing rosacea. I had flushed easily for years, but I had no redness or other problems between flushing episodes until I suddenly developed severe pustular rosacea over a period of only a few weeks. Over this short period of time I found my face covered with multiple pustules (pimples) [...]

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