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Rosacea is a difficult disease to control

I understand this better than most because I am both a physician and a rosacea patient, and I suffered from the red face, facial flushing, bumps and pustules of rosacea for years as you can see in the ‘before’ picture below.

Before using NRT products.
After using NRT products

Many of us have tried a variety of prescription and non-prescription products for rosacea with often disappointing results. Sometimes a treatment works for awhile giving us encouragement only to stop working after continued use.

Oral antibiotics are effective for most people with rosacea, but most of us cannot continue to take antibiotics indefinitely, and as soon as we stop taking them, the rosacea returns. I myself developed diffuse urticaria (itchy, red welts all over the body) from tetracycline which prevents me from using these antibiotics for my rosacea even though they were initially effective for me.

This experience is what prompted me to develop my unique rosacea cream using natural marine extracts that I found to have beneficial effects on rosacea.

After years of research I have found a natural rosacea treatment program that has kept me essentially free of rosacea for nearly two years without using any oral antibiotics. My program and rosacea products have been so successful that I want to share them with everyone else who suffers from rosacea.

Discovery of Natural Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory Marine Extracts was the Key.

After collecting hundreds of samples from the world’s oceans and testing them in my research laboratory, I found a small number that are highly effective against rosacea.

These have been incorporated into soothing, protective and healing rosacea creams that have proven to be the key to controlling my own rosacea.

One of the secrets of the success of these rosacea creams is that they contain both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory marine ingredients essential for controlling both the red face and the bumps and pustules of rosacea.